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This community is dedicated to Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina. Kaysar Ridha, 25 year old graphic designer from Orange County, CA and Janelle Pierzina, 25 year old VIP cocktail waitress from Miami Beach, FL - were contestants on Big Brother 6. They have since, gained a lot of respect and admirations of fans among their viewing audience, in and outside of North America.

This community is for fans of both Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina to share updates/news (on and off big brother sans baseless gossip), icons, fan art, and so on in reference to their alliance or friendship.

Please be respectful to both Kaysar and Janelle as well as other members. Any inflammatory posts will be deleted without notice.

Any screencaps, clips, and/or other Big Brother related materials must be uploaded on your own server.

Please post proper warnings when spoiler in reference to Big Brother 6 are concerned.

Any posts that are not concerning Kaysar Ridha, Janelle Pierzina, or Big Brother 6, can and will be deleted upon my discretion.

All of the above can be changed in lieu of a warning at anytime I so feel necessary.

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