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So everyone ready for bb7??? - Jaysar Fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fans of Janelle and Kaysar

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So everyone ready for bb7??? [Jul. 1st, 2006|01:29 am]
Fans of Janelle and Kaysar
I am very excited because it seems both Kaysar and Janelle have a shot at being in the all-stars. I also like James' and Danielle (BB3)'s chances.

Screencaps, video clips, and other fan arts welcomed.

I will also allow gossip and spoilers but please put the right headings and label accordingly (specially spoilers) because some people do not want to be spoiled.

Apparently Janelle, Will, James, and Danielle have made it in the house. Until further clarification this is just a rumour people.

[User Picture]From: americandirrty
2006-07-06 10:57 pm (UTC)
I'm so ready for tonight! I love Kaysar and Janelle.
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